Thursday, 21 November 2013


Although this is a living story post based on the lore of Tyria; the featured update - Wintersday - was a festive Christmas release lacking in lore. This simple fact has led to the decision to keep this post brief in order to move onto the next one, encompassing three months worth of juicy lore. Wintersday, Tyria's multi-week yearly celebration is effectively Tyria's Christmas. All races from all over Tyria celebrate wintersday with differences from eachother, however all the children, regardless of race share a common love for toys! This wintersday was celebrated through "The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx", an asuran toy maker has created a giant airship/workshop and is making stops above the major cities of Tyria. Toymaker Tixx visited each city bringing deliveries of toys and holiday cheer.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Lost Shores

The Lost Shores was the first content release for Guild Wars 2 that created a story not linked to a festival or event such as halloween. The update introduced a new zone for us to explore and brought a group of unique and exciting world one-time events. It kicked off the idea of the living story and brought forward a group of technical issues with the game. This blog is based around the story and lore for the game, and so these living story posts while aiding readers in understanding of how the events panned out we need to ensure a lore focus. A previous unseen region within the Sea of Sorrows (formally the Bay of Sirens) surfaced, exactly when and how; we can only speculate. I like to believe that the island has been there since the emergence of Orr.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Shadow of the Mad King

As planned, this is the start of the living story coverage. The events of Guild Wars 2 began with the Shadow of the Mad King; the halloween update for Guild wars 2. This has been an on-going story throughout the Guild Wars franchise. Mad King Oswald Thorn is the former king of Kryta and is known for his jokes and insanity. He is stuck in his realm but is able to build enough power to break into Tyria for one day every year. When he breaks into Tyria he brings games and activities with him, even though his intentions are negative. This update was released on October 22nd and came in several acts. As well as the activities brought by the Mad King; many updates to the game were added such as updates to the gem store contents; pvp tournaments and a whole group of world content and achievements.

A Year Of Guild Wars 2: Part 2

The second part of the year of Guild Wars 2 continues, starting right where we left off after the Super Adventure Box update. We were taken back to Southsun Cove, in the secret of southsun update; refugees were over-filling the cities. A body of traders by the name of the Consortium gave shelter to those refugees in need of a new home. The island is a beautiful, tropical place and at first it appeared to be a great idea but it wasn't long before the traders began to treat the refugees like prisoners. The wildlife on the island had also began to become more and more aggressive, it was up to the player and inspector Kiel to get to the bottom of the problems and discover the secret of southsun cove.

Monday, 18 November 2013

A Year Of Guild Wars 2: Part 1

There has been a rather long break with this blog, I thought that starting with a summary of how the game has grown and evolved since release seems apt. Firstly, we had the Karka attacks on Lion's Arch, this gave us Ascended gear, Southsun Cove and a group of story based events which brought us to the defeat of the ancient Karka. This was the first major event within the game, it showed a few problems with the initial design in terms of the culling and overflow server population. The event wasn't the best experience since there were several issues with client side performance and even when there wasn't so many issues; the culling removed a great deal of players from view. ArenaNet have been working and, for the most part have solved the issues which surfaced with the lost shores update (the Karka event).

Monday, 15 April 2013

The Orb

The Orb

It has been over a year since the release of Guild Wars 2 and alot has changed. The living story, started slow but very quickly picked up, is now the main source of new content. World Vs Worlds has had a great deal of additions and changes and structured PvP has continued to periodically gain new maps. In just over 12 months there has been 20 living story updates adding loads of different types of content into the game, permanently or temporarily. With rumors of an expansion and speculation as to whether there even will be one or not beginning to circulate and with extra time for me, the author of this blog; finally 'the orb' (a revive orb) has taken affect and the blog shall continue. This time however, the updates should be on a weekly schedule.