Monday, 30 June 2014

Part 1: The Lost Shores

Lion's Arch awakened after the events and exciting activities caused by the yearly appearance of the Mad King. At first glance the city was operating as usual; merchants selling goods, people visiting friends, and children playing beside the grand Lion statue. But something was different, a collection of new ships had entered the harbour bearing a symbol currently unknown to the people of Lion's Arch. It looked much like an Asura-created robot. What were these new ships doing in the harbour? After some investigation their purpose became clear, they were advertising a new resort island based just south of the Sea of Sorrows and people appeared to be interested in what this new organisation had to offer. The organisation went by the name of The Consortium and the island they were advertising was known as Southsun Cove (a previously unknown isle). As the day continued there were some other strange occurrences; whales were found beached along the shoreline, were they trying to escape something in the waters?

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Season 1 Summary Announcement

We are on the brink of the release of the first episode of season 2 and after looking everywhere on the internet for a decent, well-written summary of the season 1's events I was left with a hard to read and follow passage of text on the wiki page. I felt that I had again left this blog alone for too long. It was all due to motivations, university and general time management along with how much I was playing Guild Wars 2 over the past months. I can now however ensure regular updates on here for the future, and of course, I have a backlog of posts to write. This will all be thoroughly enjoyed. So, I will announce now that I plan to (as well as my rather large list of updates) be writing a comprehensive guide to season 1 and the stories that were told including characters and how they were involved in each of the episodes. I aim to also get some posts up regarding the story elements of season 2 as well as many more ideas I have stirring around, keep your eyes on this space; there is more to come!