Monday, 2 February 2015

Heart of Thorns

Another year of Guild Wars 2 has shot by and there are yet more huge changes to almost every area of the game. On top of all of those changes, as I am sure if you're reading this you are very aware that at PAX South just last week the first expansion pack for Guild Wars 2 was finally announced; Heart of Thorns. I've always wanted to continue this blog, and have never said that it has come to an end! Of course, it could so easily have been assumed to have ended - but I'm sure you will agree that there is no better time to restart (for the second time) a lore based blog surrounding Guild Wars when there is an expansion on the horizon full of juicy lore to cover! Now, I will not promise as I have done the previous time that this will go smoothly, but much has changed and I can only hope that it will not follow the same fate as the previous re-launch attempt.

At this point there are rather grand plans for this space, especially since the original vision for this blog was to be the one-stop original Guild Wars lore bank; helping the players of Guild Wars 2 who did not play the original to understand the history of this expansive and deep world. The blog has since expanded and transformed to become a more overall lore space. I have much to catch up on, including the full recap of the season 1 living story, the entire of season 2 and the story of Andru Rhaelis is still not complete! All of this will be in the works and I hope to be getting a collection of posts onto the blog shortly!

Enjoy your time with Guild Wars 2 and watch this space!