Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Part 3: The Secret of Southsun

During the fight against the Molten Alliance the Consortium had generously given shelter to many refugees offering a new home on Southsun Cove. As all of the combat died down, more and more people seeked a new life and took the Consortium's offer. The Consortium wanted the island to be profitable and so were transforming it into a resort, many tourists were excited and even nobles arrived on the island on holiday. The settlers on the island felt more like prisoners than guests and it was later discovered that they were bound onto the island, never to leave; the contracts they had signed meant they legally could not leave. The Consortium were again doing unethical business involving the people of Tyria. Many refugees simply accepted this contract since they had nowhere else to live and at this point they felt safe and enjoyed the life on Southsun cove. The settlers, of course felt aggravated by the trickery of their host and tension between the settlers and the Consortium began to rise.

Captain Magnus was unhappy with the treatment of the refugees and ordered Lionguard Inspector Ellen Kiel to ensure the island was safe and the unrest was dealt with before the upcoming festival in Lion's Arch. Southsun cove was under Lion's Arch's jurisdiction but due to the fact the Consortium owned the island, they were powerless. Riots broke on out on the island as people began to feel unfairly treated and stuck on the island. Kiel was ordered to keep the island peaceful
"Many nobles were drawn to the island enticed by the Consortium's promise of 'fun in the sun'"
and diffuse any riots, she deputised any able-bodied individuals in order to stop the aggression between the two factions. Subdirector Noll was assigned to oversee the work of the refugees and the overall operation of the Consortium's establishment. With help from his golem, Job-o-Tron, he criticised and scolded the settlers continuously. Noll used aggressive and violent means to deal any arguments pitched by the settlers and this happened on a consistent and common basis. The settlers of Southsun Cover began to get distressed with how they were continually being treated and that they were legally bound to the island, in response, Noll was contacted by his superiors for 'confirmation of enthusiastic settler participation'. The unrest got worse and when it did Noll was tasked with securing all refugee settlement agreements and return them to the offices to ensure they were safe. Consortium management feared the contracts were under threat of vandalism and destruction. The riots continued to become more and more chaotic and escalated to the deaths of many Consortium members, management expressed their displeasure with Noll's handling of the 'resettlement operation' and in response he was removed from his position and rejected passage back onto the island.

Many nobles were drawn to the island enticed by the Consortium's promise of 'fun in the sun'. The Consortium was making good money from the number of nobles taking a holiday in their resort, this affected the councilors who took money from the consortium and therefore Magnus. Ellen Kiel was tasks with the protection of the nobles. One of the nobles was Kasmeer Meade of Divinity's Reach, she arrived on the island to collect some information for Marjory Delaqua. As the aggression of the settlers rose, so did the aggression of local wildlife. Numerous reports of wildlife attacking settlements had reached Consortium management and Researcher Levvi began to investigate the cause for the sudden violent behaviour. She later discovered that the aggression shown by the wildlife was caused by a toxin created using samples taken from a local flora plant. She believed it was similar to something a Sylvari would create. The riots continued to grow in intensity and a rioter met with Kiel to confess to her part in the attacks. Henrika, a settler, wanted freedom from the Consortium's contract and felt she had a chance if she worked with a mysterious Sylvari that enticed her into rioting for the contracts. Kiel deduced that the Sylvari must be someone with extensive knowledge of the island, the plants and the wildlife and had something against the Consortium organisation, it simply had to be Canach.

"In a fatally misguided attempt to free the new settlers from exploitation by The Consortium, Canach has turned the creatures of the island into tools of destruction. Can you and Inspector Kiel of the Lionguard stop Canach’s plot before the shores of Southsun Cove run red with blood?"

Canach fled from the Lionguard after the death of the Ancient Karka. He became and fugitive, he survived off the land and slowly became an expert in survival and guerrilla warfare. He was being hunted by the Consortium's 'decommission team' for 'betraying' the company. Canach felt sympathy for the refugees of the Molten Alliance attacks and aided the Vigil in raiding the weapon facilities, this was all in secret, hiding his identity was paramount. He forged his own gauntlet of fused technology and wears it as a symbol, seeing himself as a hero of the people. It was later discovered that the hitmen sent to dispatch Canach were sent by Subdirector Noll who blamed the events of the past year solely on Canach
"He saw himself as a hero of the people and believed that he was helping the settlers, the way he saw it, if the contracts were destroyed any casualties would be worth the risk."
and not the Consortium organisation as a whole. Canach now hated Noll deeply. Former Subdirector Blingg (who was demoted for revealing key details to the Lionguard) was visited by Canach who demanded information regarding Noll and his whereabouts. Blingg explained that Noll was on Southsun Cover determined to make it a profitable resort. Canach was happy with the information he had gathered and left Blingg alive, he did however steal his golem.

When Kiel deduced that it must be Canach who was causing the attacks on the settlements and the aggression of the wildlife, a search began to find where he was hiding. Once he was found, Kiel wondered why he came back to Southsun despite his freedom after escaping from capture. He saw himself as a hero of the people and believed that he was helping the settlers, the way he saw it, if the contracts were destroyed any casualties would be worth the risk. In his plan of action, he believed that getting captured prematurely was a possibility and so planned a fail-safe; the Karka attacked all the possible locations where the Consortium could hold the contracts. In response, Kiel gathered the contracts and relocated them within Lion's Arch to ensure they were safe. However, when they were loaded onto the ship, it was revealed that it was rigged with explosives set by Kiel herself and the contracts were destroyed. Kiel insists that it was Canach doing but now that they are destroyed the settlers are allowed free passage off the island. The wildlife still attack key areas on the island and there is still no clear method to reverse the effects of the toxin. Due to this, the nobles were sent from the island in fear of their safety.