Thursday, 26 June 2014

Season 1 Summary Announcement

We are on the brink of the release of the first episode of season 2 and after looking everywhere on the internet for a decent, well-written summary of the season 1's events I was left with a hard to read and follow passage of text on the wiki page. I felt that I had again left this blog alone for too long. It was all due to motivations, university and general time management along with how much I was playing Guild Wars 2 over the past months. I can now however ensure regular updates on here for the future, and of course, I have a backlog of posts to write. This will all be thoroughly enjoyed. So, I will announce now that I plan to (as well as my rather large list of updates) be writing a comprehensive guide to season 1 and the stories that were told including characters and how they were involved in each of the episodes. I aim to also get some posts up regarding the story elements of season 2 as well as many more ideas I have stirring around, keep your eyes on this space; there is more to come!