Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Plan for this Blog

Since ArenaNet announced that they were developing a sequel to the Guild Wars franchise; I have been excited to find out what they might add to the MMORPG genre and how they would alter the base concepts to make their game different to other games in the genre. They have written blog posts containing quotes such as "game companies don’t have to just keep making the same games over and over" and "It doesn’t suck your life away and force you onto a grinding treadmill" both of which have killed current MMOs for me, especially World of Warcraft. I have been reading the blogposts, watching the videos and generally browsing for new information regarding the game and am now really looking forward to the release of Guild Wars 2. I have been generally learning about all of the different aspects of Guild Wars 2 so that I will be ready and nicely hyped for the release of the game.

Due to the excitement and hype for the game; I have been looking deeper and deeper into almost every aspect of the game which has pulled me into the story. I have also looked into the story of the first game in order to gain knowledge about the already massive story and lore of the Guild Wars Universe to find that I have missed out on a great deal of great story. After looking through a large group of videos explaining the story, lore and mechanics (among other game elements) of Guild Wars 2; I have taken a large interest in the story of the franchise as a whole. I wanted to know more about the story of the game before the release of Guild Wars 2 and so embarked on a massive quest to find out this information. I found an amazing colelction of YouTube videos explaining the lore and story (namely videos by WoodenPotatoes) however, I felt that they still didnt engage me as much as the game would. To conclude I have decided to play through the original Guild Wars (including all expansions) and write the story in as much detail as possible on here in a yet undecided format.

The idea is to give people a run down of the story without watching a video or reading a summary on wikipedia (or other similar website). People engage in stories in many different ways and there are only two ways to engage without the use of the game itself, and that is through reading or watching videos. If you’re someone who likes to watch videos; WoodenPotatoes’ channel on youtube is the place for you! However, if reading stories is more for you; hopefully here will become a great place to read the story as it unfolds.