Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Apologies for the Delay

Hello again and sorry for the delay in starting the blog. I don't want to give some group of bad excuses but I have been very busy and haven't managed to play Guild Wars and therefore haven't been able to collect the required information in order to post anything on here at all. However, since the release of Guild Wars 2 has been announced as the 28th of August; I have a time limit on this project. The rush begins now, I have till the 25th of August (due to the pre-order 3 day head-start bonus) to get Guild Wars and all it's expansion campaigns done while paying special attention to the story and lore elements.

Considering the amount of game-hours I have spent in my life, along with a certain fraction of those hours being MMO game hours; I believe this challenge is possible. I will have another update on the rough date plan in order to get myself in gear to get this blog up and running written here soon. The main blog posts will not be starting for at least another week as I am off on holiday, however, as soon as I get back, Guild Wars will be my focus. Playing and writing around work, a girlfriend with a healthy obsession with spending time with me and social events; I hope to get this all under-way.

I have been giving this blog a great deal of thought and so have come up with the format at which it will be written. The first blog post regarding the story of my character will contain some backstory to give readers the ability to feel more personal with the character, the story of Guild Wars will then be written in the first person perspective of this character. I was hoping this would allow readers to really live through the events of the story as if it were happening to them (or a close friend) giving the story as a whole a very personal touch.