Friday, 13 July 2012

Away on Holiday

Here I am, back from a week's holiday and ready to get on with filling this space with content for all to read. I plan to get all of the lead-up content written and published here before the end of the week, hopefully sooner. I will start by writing the backstory for the character I have created which will contain a (hopefully lore correct) story of the coming of age of "Andru Rhaelis", his introduction to combat and motivation for participating in the story to follow. I'll then be reading around the history of Guild Wars and I'll get a post written on here containing an explanation of the lead-up to the start of the game. Once I've set the scene, so to speak; I will get stuck into the start of the game and the part of the story that sets the ball rolling in Guild Wars, which is the Searing of Ascalon.