Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Lore: Tyria's History

The old gods had decided it was time. Almost three thousand years before our hero was born, they opened the rift; a magical gate allowing a race of intelligent serpents to reach the lands of Tyria. The serpents were given the task of guiding the many races of the land through this transition of time while the gods continued to create the world. The serpents, now protectors of the land allowed the races of Tyria to enjoy a life without worry. They thrived under the protection of the serpents and learned much valuable knowledge.

This life of perfection didn't last forever however, a new race was introduced to the world which upset the balance of this once peaceful land. The humans, sent by their gods from another planet began to fulfil their one desire; power. They built massive cities, forged weapons and a blooming web of knowledge spanning the entire race. Before long the humans had everything they needed, their next move was to hunt other creates and take land for their own, mastering the world without a thought of what was happening. 
The humans continued to expand and take whatever they wanted, leaving the serpents with two options; retreat from the continent or wage a war against humanity. They chose to leave the continent as all of their previous efforts had been undone and the changes made were irreversible.

Despite that the humans had forced the retreat of the serpents and changed the world greatly; the gods continued to create. They chose to create magic, this was meant as a gift to the intelligent races of Tyria, meant to ease survival. What the gods were unable to see was that the greed within the different races would force them to compete for dominance. Instantly a massive war broke out between the races of Tyria. Before long, the humans had almost been defeated. At the brink of extinction, King Doric (leader of the remaining humans) began a journey to Arah (the city of gods), he gained an audience with the creators and begged for the gods intervention.

The gods accepted, they had completed the forging of the world and so, as a final action; they took magic back from all of the races and pulled them into a stone. Once the magic was encapsulated within the stone; they broke it into five parts. Four of which were equally sized and contained opposing schools of magic and the other was a keystone, this meant that the four different schools of magic could not be used together unless the races cooperated. The destruction capable of the four schools combined would never be in the hands of a single creature again.

"Groups were formed within each nation known as guilds, these were hugely powerful groups. So powerful that as they grew, they began to influence the kings and governments of the land."
King Doric had asked for peace and it was granted, however, the gods told him that since he asked the gods; he must carry the burden of protecting the stones. The stones were dropped into a volcano located on the southern shore of Kryta. The gods then left Tyria, never to return, they had created the world and now felt with confidence that they had fixed the damage that was caused by their gift of magic. Peace returned to the world and over the next hundred years the humans returned to their state of power. Groups were formed within each nation known as guilds, these were hugely powerful groups. So powerful that as they grew, they began to influence the kings and governments of the land. The end of peace returned once more when the volcano housing the Bloodstones (as they are called) erupted, spreading the stones across Tyria. once they had landed, their magical power began to seep into the surrounding land. The Bloodstones were not united, but this didn't stop the humans' growing desire for power. War broke out once more, but this time it was different, the humans were not united. The guilds of the three most powerful kingdoms of Tyria battled each other for dominance. The kings couldn't stop the conflict as they were not powerful enough.

These are known as The Guild Wars, and they continued for decades. Each of the kingdoms desired both power and the influence of the Bloodstones so greatly that peace accords and negotiations were not enough to stop the raging war for long.  The wars continued further, claiming many hundreds of thousands of lives  but no one nation was ever able to gain enough power to dominate another nation fully. As time went on, and the battles continued; each of the human nations grew weaker, the constant fighting was too much for the nations and the war eventually came to an end.

The Guild Wars didn't end with peace, they didn't end with a clear winner or loser, it was ended by another war. A war brought by the Charr. It came fast, the human nations were forced to unite in order to repel the heavy attack of the Charr, each of the nations attempted to defend their lands in a different way. The men of Ascalon stood their ground, hoping that the great northern wall would be enough. The King of Orr's personal advisor believed there was no hope and so turned to the unknown: dark magic, hoping for a way of repelling the Charr. He ventured deep within the vaults beneath the marble streets of Arah and found a forbidden scroll. Once the words were read from the scroll; the entire city Orr collapsed and sunk to the ocean floor killing almost all of it's inhabiting population. Kryta were lost as they had no powerful magic and were already heavily beaten by the continuous previous battles, they turned to Saul D'Alessio for help. A man with a promise of protection from "unseen gods".

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