Friday, 20 July 2012

The Beta is Almost Here

The wait is almost over, it is a matter of hours before the start of the final Guild War 2 beta weekend event and I'm sure there are there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of players who have their Beta keys. They'll have the client ready, fully updated and be counting down the seconds before the event. Let's have a great time this weekend and attempt to pick up on all of the final issues in order to get the game in the best shape possible before it's release on the 28th (25th for us pre-purchase people).

I do have to apologise for not getting Guild Wars up and going during this week considering I said that I would, I will also like to apologise for the lack of pictures in this post considering I also said I'd get the graphics designed and created too. However, do not distress, I will have a great deal of content sorted next week as I'll have so much more time than I had this week. I will also be writing up my thoughts and feelings regarding the final beta event considering the amount I plan to be playing it.

See you in game!