Monday, 23 July 2012

Andru Rhaelis

I am Andru Rhaelis, son of Kaileb Rhaelis of Ascalon. I was born in Rin, the capital city of Ascalon but moved to Ascalon City as I grew up. At 16 years of age I joined the Ascalon army, they needed all the help they could get with the heat of the Guild Wars constantly hitting our lands with full force. One of my main tasks was to patrol Ascalon City and the Great Northern Wall to keep any threat from breaching the wall. My parents didn't like the choice I had made and it was worse for them when my twin sister and only other sibling Lania followed in my footsteps and joined the defence force of Ascalon. It was from that point forward that I swore to protect my sister.

"I enjoyed training so much that it felt like a hobby rather than a job, this allowed me to excel in the arts of warrior combat."
I had gained a passion for combat over the years and helped repel many attacks from Kryta and Orr alongside my sister in the closing stages of The Guild Wars. I trained as much as I could. I enjoyed training so much that it felt like a hobby rather than a job, this allowed me to excel in the arts of warrior combat. I used to sleep late while training my sister to fight like me, I really wanted her to survive this war as she was my only sister and in these troubled times became my best friend. She was always the person I would talk to since I didn't get much time with my parents due to the relentlessness of The Guild Wars. My parents blamed me for my sister's choice to join the army and always told me to look after her. Eventually The Guild Wars began to come to an end, slowly but surely the human nations were starved of resources and were all ready to give up without surrendering to dominance.

Then came the night which will linger deep within my mind throughout my life, the night that altered the very meaning of my existence. My sister and I were given the night patrol, we walked from the southern gate of Ascalon City to Lakeside County. Following the path north-west toward Green Hills County where we inspected the surrounding farmland of Barradin Estate. While inspecting the rich and colourful crops; we found an excellent area to do some training, a small clearing in the crops which formed an almost perfect circle. On patrol we would return to this point to keep our combat skills of the highest standard possible. The difference that night was that after sparring for a long while; I brought my sword down heavily, as she pulled her sword up to defend from my incoming attack; her sword split in half. I gave her my sword as a replacement as it was only an Ascalon patrol issued sword.

We then got on our way heading back toward and past Ascalon City. As we passed the great city I decided to head back to the barracks to replace my broken equipment. I left my sister on the patrol after deciding upon a meeting point for after I had obtained a replacement sword, we settled on meeting at the bridge to Regent Valley before heading towards Fort Ranik to complete the patrol. But when I returned to the meeting point; she was gone. I heard movement coming from the trees and was ready for battle, there were silhouettes of people moving just on the tree line. I hastily crossed the bridge and approached the group noticing that they were being attacked by a band of centaurs. I sprinted as fast as I could to help repel them and jumped fiercely into the fight slaughtering as many as I could. We managed to defeat them but a handful of them were able to escape back into the wood. As soon as the final sword fell; I began to ask about the whereabouts of my sister. I had asked almost every person within the patrol unit before seeing her necklace covered in blood in the hands of a fallen Centaur. Instantly I felt a dry throat, the tears soon began to pour as I had realised that I could have saved her if I didn't leave her alone on the patrol. I just couldn't bring myself to venture into the undergrowth knowing that I would have to see her, I just didn't think that I could survive mentally with that sight for the rest of my life.