Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Changes Since Beta Weekend 2

Yesterday, ArenaNet posted a blog containing the new additions and changes since the second beta weekend event. Here is a quick list of the major changes:
  • The ability to play as both Asura and Sylvari,
  • New explorable map area named "Brisban Wildlands",
  • The first mini-game within beta "Keg Brawl",
  • All new game element "Vistas",
  • New PvP map "Legacy of the Foefire",
  • Changes, such as turrets added to World Vs World, and
  • Fully open Gem Store (Gems will be refreshed at release).
There is also a reminder that all character data will be deleted before and after this beta. ArenaNet will be streaming gameplay from their channel on Twitch.tv (links below). A final addition I would like to add is that the client that will be used for this beta will be updated further to become the full game so do NOT delete the beta client after this beta as you will have to re-download many of the same files for the full release of the game.

ArenaNet blog post "What’s New in the Final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event",
ArenaNet's Twitch.tv channel