Friday, 13 July 2012

The Final Beta Weekend Event Before Release

The Final Beta Weekend has been announced while I was on holiday, it was a good job I had a decent 3G connection, a smartphone and an obsession with checking the official ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 blog on a daily basis. Not only was I happily surprised to hear how close the beta was; I was also massively excited by the announcement that we could play as all five races for the first time within the final beta, what a send-off!

I was also happy with where the beta is in terms of the specific weekend since it will be the best beta for me. The first beta event was a weekend before my exam period began at University, which stopped me getting the most out of it and testing it to the best of my ability. The second beta was placed during the Download festival meaning I was unable to play even a second of the beta. Finally, this beta is open, in a weekend where I am free and it means I'll be playing almost every second. Let's give this game a test before it comes out next month.