Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Lost Shores

With the release of the first main content release for Guild Wars 2; this blog gets an update. I'm ready, back from a much-needed break from blogging due to the transfer from work into the third year of university. Now that the blog is back going, I will get as many updates out as possible; the pictures from the previous group of posts will be altered (as promised) along with the addition of the twitter link on the right over the next week things should be back in order. Enough of "my story" and onto the main content of the post; The Lost Shores.

The Lost Shores update is out now and has been out since the weekend, not only has it brought a massive group of updates to the game; it's also brought an entire new map, and a short story complete with daily events to get players introduced to the new content. Could we really ask for more? The first event happened on Friday (16/11/12) where there was the initial attack on Lion's Arch,
"...Eager for revenge they engaged the enemy head-on causing massive damage to their ranks..."
the Karka attacked in force from the sea and poured into the south side of the city. Players battled fiercely and managed to push the Karka back onto Southsun Cove to the south of the Sea of Sorrows. The Karka were gone for now, but they had caused a great deal of damage to Lion's Arch. Donations started and people began to give anything they could to aid the reconstruction of the damaged areas. This new threat had people worried but the military had already begun to plan a counter attack.

Today (17/11/12) that counter-attack began, pushed into action by a second attack from the Karka soldiers departed from Lion's Arch docks headed for the north shore of Southsun Cove. They landed, eager for revenge they engaged the enemy head-on causing massive damage to their ranks on the shoreline. Once the shore was ours; the force headed south erecting new camps, clearing routes and building bridges to aid the safe traversal of the island. We are now behind enemy lines, at a new camp at Captain's Retreat waiting for orders to attack at the heart of the Karka forces.

Full details of the update here.

Full list of patch notes here.