Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Back for More

Since the release of Guild Wars 2, there has been slow updates coming to this blog. I will be sorting this problem by bringing more and more updates here when I get the time. Guild Wars 2 really is as good as people were saying and it appears to have managed to live up to the hype in many ways, as you can see, the Metacritic score of 93 shows that it is great game in the eyes of the critics. I have read a great deal of the reviews and have generally seen a wide love for the game, however there does appear to be some complaints when it comes to the skills and combat. When looking over the combat and skills systems; it is clear that there are not many different ways it could be done differently which would generally increase quality.

So, how does the skills and combat systems work? I would like to refer you to a previous post on here - The Countdown: 6 Days. I feel that the skill system currently in the game works very well, each weapon has it's five skills available dependant on the profession that is using it. This allows for each skill to be specifically tailored to a weapon which helps with many things such as balance throughout all of the weapon/profession combinations. The arguments I have read about the current skill system is the lack of "resource management" such as mana/rage etc. Some players feel that to get a decent amount of damage dealt; they must use all of their skills, swap weapons and use all of the skills for the other weapon. I can see why players below the level of 30 may believe this since the game isn't that hard and is meant to get players into the new systems that make the game. Once a player has hit level 30 however, they will be hit with many new challenges even when generally exploring zones, not even mentioning the difficulty of dungeons. If a player was to use this tactic of spamming each of the skills within a dungeon, the skills would be on cooldown when they were needed; a CC ability would be used when it wasn't needed leaving the player open to attack once it's on cooldown for example. This argument simply doesn't make sense at higher levels.