Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Changes Are Coming

Now that the game is out; it seems that there needs to be some sort of community update on here linking different people together with useful links and news. To do this I have come up with a group of ideas and changes that could be made to improve the community aspects of this blog. What do you guys think? I will be altering the links on the right of the blog as soon as I get time, linking to many of the community projects so people have a centre point for everything the community are getting up to. Maybe add a forum or another form of community gathering as the blog *hopefully* grows.

Another idea I have been toying with is an in-game guild for the readers of this blog. I have currently created the guild named "The Archivists" which is a rather fitting name (the guild tag is "[Lore]"). I'm not sure how to recruit people but maybe that is where a guild page or forum would help out. I'm hoping people like this ideas and changes to come. I will keep people updated here and at each of the social networking websites. Andru Rhaelis' story will continue to be updated with time along with the continuation of the "Lore" series. There are also loads of other updates and ideas I have been working on, all of which will come apparent fairly shortly, there are three more weeks of my summer job left before I have a decent break where I can work more heavily on this blog. The future is looking bright!