Thursday, 2 August 2012

Social Networking

Here we are, in the era of social networking and up to now I have simply been posting the story of Andru Rhaelis with a selection of news posts on here without building any sort of community or getting any interaction with readers. Let's change that, let's get some interaction and a community going. I've got a Guild Wars Lore page on both Facebook and Google+ running, this will hopefully be where the reader interaction will come from. You may have noticed the new Facebook and Google+ links on the right hand side of the blog, these (of course) link to the Guild Wars Lore pages on the corresponding social network. So if you like this blog, view it a fair amount or simply would like to hear updates on what has been posted and what will be coming soon, like, +1, follow and enjoy!

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has been reading Guild Wars Lore, Andru Rhaelis is just getting started on his adventure in Tyria. If you have followed links from the Facebook or Google+ pages and this is your first visit; welcome to Guild Wars Lore, if you would like to read Andru Rhaelis' story so far, you should start here.

Here's the links to the Facebook and Google+ pages, alternatively the links on the right hand side will take you to the same place.