Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hall of Monuments

I'm sure we all know what the Hall of Monuments is by now, but for those of you that don't; it's a system where all of your achievements in the form of story completion, gathering of mini-pets, obtaining and armouring of heroes and the acquiring of titles you (may have) got while playing the original Guild Wars will all give you cosmetic items or titles in Guild Wars 2. I write this now due to a recent blog post by ArenaNet showing off some of the items you'll be able to get as Hall of Monuments rewards. There are links at the end of this post to the blog post and a YouTube video by ArenaNet showing off some of the items in-game in case you haven't been able to see them.

I have been playing a great deal of Guild Wars in an attempt to build up as many HoM points as possible before the release of Guild Wars 2, and with only 23 days left (with 3 day head start) till the game is released; I'm feeling rather rushed. You can see how many points you have built up over the course of your Guild Wars game time by heading over to the Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments Calculator.