Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Lore: The Birth of the World

"Remnants of the past lay scattered within forgotten lands, reminding those living of what their world has endured over the past thousand years. Those who seek to preserve this history know full well the power of this knowledge. An understanding of the past breeds an understanding of the present, as it is not uncommon in this world for long forgotten evils to arise once more and terrorize those that have ceased to remember."
Ten thousand years prior to the The Guild Wars and the world of Tyria as we know it; beings known as the Great Giants (or Giganticus Lupicus) roamed the land. They have since become extinct but for an unknown reason. The extinction of this species led to their massive bone structures being scattered across the surface of Tyria, mainly in the sharp sand of the Crystal Desert. The forgotten (serpents sent by the gods) only set foot on the surface around eight thousand years after the extinction of this race of giants, leaving only myths and legend to explain what had happened within that time.

The humans flooded into Cantha from the south, many hundred years before they set foot in Tyria or Elona where they settled by the Jade Sea, within the Echovald Forest and on several other coastal areas. The forgotten and the humans from the south thrived without conflict co-existing for many years as the humans of the north battled the god-sent species. During the year of 510 BE (Before Exodus) Kaing (a warlord in Cantha) waged a war between the clans of Cantha in an attempt to bring them all together. Kaing was successful and the clans were united, he then declared himself the first Lord Emperor of the Dragon under the name of Kaineng Tah. His son, Yian Zho took over after his fathers death and led a campaign in order to control the Kurzicks and the Luxons. He was not as successful as his father, only two of the clans united who were then turned into vassals later in the Canthan timeline.