Friday, 17 August 2012

The Countdown: 8 Days

Here we are, as promised; the second countdown post at eight days until the head start release of Guild Wars 2. Yesterday there was another four hour stress test that I managed to completely missed, I was sat on my computer looking up news, updating this blog and talking to friends and somehow managed to miss the whole thing. I only realised today through the Facebook page that there was a stress test.
8. No Gear Treadmill

When in MMOs a player's aim is generally to get to the level cap. The level cap is widely known as "end-game", the part of the game where the players' aims change to something else. Many MMOs have what's known as a "Gear Treadmill" this is where players must complete the same (or similar) content continually until they have acquired gear (through loot drops or point/badge collection) which allows them to move into more difficult content. The player would then have to continually repeat this more difficult content to get yet more gear, this would continue further and further as the developer brings out new content. Generally all of the efforts in the content would then be in vain when a new expansion comes out as the player would be able to get better gear in new zones and such.
"...players will be able to aim for equipment they want their character to wear."
This system becomes a chore over time, players tend to either like it or hate it. I've played a collection of free MMOs and World of Warcraft and have come to the conclusion that it just isn't fun, especially when the developer puts limits on the badge/point collection system and "locks" you out of certain content on a daily-weekly basis.

This is where Guild Wars 2 really shines in it's end game. The systems in place in Guild Wars 2 are based on keeping everyone equal and giving people aims through other means. You are able to get new gear when you reach level 80 (the level cap) but it will not be better in terms of statistics, it will look different, players will be able to aim for equipment they want their character to wear. There are dungeon sets which look unique and so completing that dungeon will reward you the gear along with many other sets of gear you are able to acquire through other means. If that isn't enough there are PvP and WvW sets too, on top of that you are able to get armour sets and weapons through the Mystic Forge (there will be more on this later).

That's all on gear for now! Come back tomorrow for the next countdown post.