Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Countdown: The Official Release

Many of us have been playing for three days now and the final group of people have logged into Guild Wars 2 today. I have created my Norn Warrior "Rhaen Cheris" on "Desolation (EU)" and have been rather casual with my experience with the game. I have generally been exploring Tyria and have touched on many of the elements I felt that I didn't play enough during the beta events and stress tests, this has led to a surprise with the amount of depth in the reward system within structured player vs player.

It's truly brilliant and feel very balanced for the most part. You gain glory which is the sPvP version of experience and currency. You gain ranks instead of levels but each time you gain a rank, you gain a chest which, dependant on your rank; gives a random assortment of loot.
"...all of which have the same statistical bonuses as the original gear but instead provide cosmetic appeal based on the rank of the chest opened."
The loot can be anything from boosters to actual armour or weapons, all of which have the same statistical bonuses as the original gear but instead provide cosmetic appeal based on the rank of the chest opened. You are able to check out all of the sets available listed in the PvP locker. All of the icons are faded however since you have not acquired the items, once you obtain the items through rank-up chests or chests bought through the glory vendors located near the entrance to the Heart of the Mists.

This brings me nicely onto the collection system which really helps with crafting and maximising bag space. The PvP locker and glory rewards aren't mentioned anywhere within the Heart of the Mists and the collection system also isn't explained as far as I can tell. So, I will help by explaining as best to my knowledge here. The collection system took me a while to begin to use as I didn't really know the feature even existed and when I saw certain buttons which allow the feature to be used; it appeared too confusing since it wasn't explained. As you begin the game; you don't have much bag space at all, soon, you start to feel rather limited by the number of slots you have in your inventory. The initial solution would seem to create new, larger bags, this works to an extent, but there is another option. Do you acquire lots of collectable goods like copper ore, mushrooms or wooden planks? You are able to right-click on the small cog option icon in the top right hand corner of your inventory and click "deposit all collectables". This will remove all of those collectable items from your bag freeing up alot of space, but don't worry, it is all deposited in your bank. If you then go to your bank or a crafting station you are able to click on the "collections" tab; here you are able to see all of the potential collectable items. You can put them back into your inventory for crafting or selling on the Trading Post.